Before we get into the intricacies of Thai Yoga Bodywork and Tok Sen, followed by others as well, let’s first understand

what we mean by healing arts.

The healing arts range from Reiki, Pranic healing, Thai Yoga Bodywork (the more appropriate name given to the Thai Yoga Massage practice), Tok Sen, among a wide variety of means to help heal, revitalise and re-energise the body. Each of the healing arts have evolved from local culture and spirituality and have a rigorous, but extremely effective practices. Here, we take  a deeper look into Thai Yoga Bodywork and Tok Sen to start with – we shall also delve into the other healing arts but that would be an experience for another day.

Thai yoga bodywork is a set of healing methods that have their origins in Ayurveda, yoga and acupressure, blending the best of these three ancient sciences into one immensely powerful healing system.

  • It is a form of assisted yoga that eliminates months and years of practice that is required to master the yogasanas
  • It uses principles of acupressure to relieve pain, and in-turn promote convalescence and revitalisation of the body
  • It incorporates pressure-point stimulating movements that unblock energy flows and re-energise the body

Why learn Thai Yoga Bodywork

From being a healing arts professional, to your own personal spiritual journey, as was the case with me, there are many reasons to learn the healing arts – but this is what most of my students have told me after their fourth level of Thai Yoga Bodywork –

It is that sense of peace and power that you are in a position to soothe the mind, body and soul of the person in front of you because you know how to do it.

Yes, whether it’s a friend or family, or just a person you would like to see smiling, more often than not, with a little trust, you can do it. This is the power of the healing arts, whether Thai Yoga Bodywork, Toksen, or Reiki – the delivery method may vary, but the core and the principles remain the same.

With power comes responsibility

As much as it’s a cliche, there’s a bit of superhuman that gets activated in us once we start learning the healing arts. From being more perceptive to the environmental energy patterns, to being able to inspire peace and calm in people around you, the power of healing significantly increases your ability to be the agent of change.

This is where discretion, mutual respect and a certain degree of empathy is needed and comes as an added responsibility, when you learn the healing arts. The objective of learning is really to be able to collectively revel in the shared knowledge. It is beauty at its idyllic best when you can bring peace and thus happiness to the people around you, purely because you have invested in learning that it is possible, and how you can do it.

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